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Human Interaction Design that builds on powerful human behavior insights.

We work with organizations ready to shift to a more humane & sustainable future – creating more healthy things for people, society and our  planet. 

Making this happen together with you – 
is our
North Star.


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We combine human-centric design with powerful behavioral data & analytics to create engaging products, services and experiences

Strategy Practice: C-Suite Digital Day: helping a small pharma company embrace digitalization

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We are an award-winning innovation design studio based in Basel, Switzerland. Since 2010, our team of creative and strategic designers has worked alongside corporates, small businesses and start-ups, across the globe, to help them become more customer-centric and invent solutions that make a real difference to people’s lives. 

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

We are a team of creative and caring designers who made it their mission to bring healthy things to life, creating solutions that are not only desirable by the customer, but viable for your organization and hopefully good for society and our planet too.

Let’s Win your Customer’s Hearts and Minds

Human-centric design allows us to put the human first, understand and resolve what matters most to them. Let’s create solutions that resonate with your customers today as well as tomorrow.

    DesignLab: Evolving a global capability into the future for a big pharma

    Our Work

    From human behavior insight to meaningful customer impact

    Customer Experience Design

    Engage your customers with content and touch points that matter  

    design thinking in action

    Global Flu Vaccine

    Patient Engagement Strategy & Flu Disease Campaigns

    Developing the Patient Engagement Strategy for the Brand
    Our Services: Strategic Design, Customer Engagement Journey Design, Multichannel Marketing & Digital Campaigns


    Strategy Practice: C-Suite Digital Day: helping a small pharma company embrace digitalization

    US based Pharma Company: Global Women's Health

    Reimagining the Customer Experience in Women’s Health

    Redesigning the multichannel customer experience for a globally known consumer product in Women’s Health & Intimacy Care.
    Our Services: CX Customer Experience Design 

    Novo Nordisk

    A New Behavioral Approach to Diabetes Self Care

    Reimagining patient behavior change around type II diabetes and using behavioral science to incentivize diabetes patients to follow more healthy diet, exercise and treatment compliance.

    Strategy Practice: C-Suite Digital Day: helping a small pharma company embrace digitalization

    European Start Up

    Designing the Caregiver Experience for an Elderly Care Start up in the United States & Finland

    Working with the start up team to craft their patient engagement strategy, design the patient experience and define a meaningful value proposition and business model

    Employee Experience Design

    Engage your employees in new ways of working 


    Transforming the Employee Experience  

    Designing a new multichannel culture platform that helped create more transparency, empathy and entrepreneurship across individual employees and teams.
    Our Services: Strategic Design, Organizational Design, Behavioral Design, Ethnography, Customer Journey Engagement Design, Content & Campaigns


    Transforming Internal Knowledge & Innovation Exchange 

    Reimagining a new way of internal knowledge exchange that builds on existing ideas and innovation to encourage more internal collaboration across teams everywhere.
    Our Services: Design Thinking, Remote Workshop, Strategic Design, Creative

    UX/UI: User Experience & Interface Design

    Creating engaging digital products  


    Increasing Physician Engagement via a new Gastroenterology Platform

    Creating a new digital platform and content that answered gastroenterologists true needs for collaboration with peers, personalized scientific news content and events. 
    Our Services: Ethnography, Digital Design UX/UI, Content & Campaigns 


    Reinventing Clinical Trials Patient Recruitment 

    Inventing a new digital strategy and campaign to accelerate the speed of participant recruitment into clinical trial studies. 
    Our Services: Multichannel Marketing & Campaigns, UX/UI; Strategic Design

    Swiss Healthcare Client

    Inventing a new Mobile and Agile Way for Teams to Collaborate Across Countries

    Reinvented team collaboration across geographies by creating  a new mobile employee-centric way of identifying, connecting and collaborating with the right peers for your key projects. 
    Our Services: Ethnography, User Research, Digital Design UX, UI; CX

    Marketing & Communications: Building a new marketing analytics platform for a generics company

    US Healthcare Client

    Reimagining Commercial Analytics & Forecasting 

    Together with our client, designing the new commercial analytics framework solution, establishing new internal processes, driving change management throughout the adoption journey and facilitating exchange.


    Strategic Design

    Helping you define your north star  


    Partnering with an AI start up to Identify Patients in Rare Diseases

    Through collaboration with the AI start up, Shire was able to explore how the AI Artificial Intelligence Algorithm would be able to integrate with hospital databases to identify patients with highest likelihood of the rare disease in question.
    Our Services: Start Up Partnering, Digital Health, Strategic Design  

    Strategy Practice: C-Suite Digital Day: helping a small pharma company embrace digitalization

    Swisscom Ventures

    Swisscom: Strategic Consulting to Define a Vision for Future Healthcare Investments

    Our Services: Strategic Design, C-Suite Consulting

    Marketing & Communications: Building a new marketing analytics platform for a generics company

    UPK, Psychiatry Clinics

    UPK, Universitäre Psychiatrische Kliniken: Digital Strategy for the Management Board 

    Our Services: Strategic Design


    Marketing & Communications: Building a new marketing analytics platform for a pharma company

    Digital Transformation

    US based Healthcare Client: Evolving the Digital Capability 

    Conducting a company survey to assess multichannel readiness and using those insights to design a strategic framework and roadmap to help the company navigate safely through its digital multichannel transformation.
    Our Services: Strategic Design, Service Design, Organizational Design, Digital Transformation

    Product Design

    Physical products that engage through function, form and haptics  

    design thinking in action

    Industrial Design

    New coat hook system for Degas “Propellerjack”

    We were commissioned by Degas to invent a new coat hook system for their office space. 
    Capability: Product Design, Design Research
    Red Dot Design Award Winner 2009 (Category Innovation Design)
    Deutscher Bundespreis Nominee 2010
    German National Design Prize)
    Propellerjack was also the second runner up for use in Google Offices in Dublin, Ireland; championed by Camenzind Architecture Firm in Switzerland.


    DesignLab: Redesigning the chair experfor kids

    Product Design

    Reimagining Furniture for Children 

    For MIDD we developed a series of modular elements to turn around office space into a creative and more interactive workspace. Exhibition at 100% Design in London.
    Our Services: Product Design, Design Research, Marketing Campaigns

    Workshops, Coaching & Training

    Co-creation at its best, live and remote   

    UCB: Design & Innovation

    Global Healthcare Client: Training multiple teams in Design Thinking

    Helping our client build an internal training academy for design thinking.
    Our Services: Design Thinking, Workshops, Sprints, Coaching

    Customer Insights Workshops

    Translating Customer insights into Game Changing Storytelling 

    Creating deeper understanding for customers, by translating market research data into insights that come to life through creative storytelling and visuals. 

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