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Strategy Practice: C-Suite Digital Day: helping a small pharma company embrace digitalization

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What’s special about us?


MagiCX is our secret sauce:  we are creative empaths and have an innate ability for 6th sense intuition, caring compassion and creative imagination.

This is a people power we have translated into a way of working at imagio.

It is a strong asset that accompanies us in all our work processes and shapes everything we do from Research and Insights to Solution Design.

6th sense Intuition

We see what others don’t. We use empathy and have deep insights into the hearts and minds of people, which is why we create customer experience strategies that reflect their true wants and needs.

Caring Compassion

We help make brands smarter by defining effective customer experience strategies that are based on cultural trends and attitudes shaping society’s future.

Creative Imagination

We are able to unleash unlimited creative imagination and inspiration for game changers that will make you stand out from your competition. As a boutique agency, we go beyond cookie-cutter-solutions to inspire you to think out of any box!

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye" (Le Petit Prince)

We are here for the long haul

We like to work with our clients closely from start to finish. We love working with you and see ourselves as your partners, building trusting, long time, meaningful client relationships. 

Thriving by creating measurable results

We’re not satisfied with just good enough. Our innovative, enterprise-ready solutions have been proven to drive viable and sustainable results for our clients..

Human Interaction Design:
Our Key Services 

Customer Behavior Research

Qualitative Customer Behavior Research, Ethnography, Customer Interviews and Surveys, Digital Ethnography, User Experience Research, User Interface Research, Usability Testing

Customer Behavior Insights

Data Synthesis & Analytics, Insight Development, Persona Development, Persona Behavioral Profile, Empathy Maps, Customer Journey Mapping, Customer Segmentation

Mossa Propellerjack

Solution Design

Strategic Design (Value Propositions. Customer Engagement Strategy, Innovation Strategy)  CX Customer Experience Design, UX/UI User Experience User Interface Design, Service Design, Product Design


Fostering Organizational Empathy

Data Visualization, Creative Storytelling, Organizational Change Strategy, Stakeholder Engagement

Customer Behavior Research

Getting to the core of what people feel and think, going skin deep, tuning into their hearts and minds, seeing the world through their eyes intuitively absorbing the metadata, picking up on the unseen, is something that is critical if you want to truly wow and engage your customers longtime. 

We use a variety of customer behavior research methods to meet your budgets and deadlines, we can operate rapid as well as in depth extensive research. We can define research criteria and recruit participants in any country needed.

Our expertise lies in primary customer behavior research using design research and means of ethnography both in the field and across digital channels.

DesignLab: Evolving a global capability into the future for a big pharma

SERVICES include:

  • Ethnography: Observing behavior in the field as well as conduct ethnography online or remote      where needed or applicable (Customer Interviews, Customer Surveys, Empathy Interviews, Cultural probes, Shadowing, Customer Diary).
  • Digital Ethnography: Collecting behavioral and contextual data from social media conversations 
  • Customer Experience Research
  • UX User Experience Research: observing how users navigate digital products and interfaces
  • UI User Interface Testing, Heuristic Review of Your Website or Mobile App User Interface to make optimizations
Mossa Propellerjack



SERVICES include: 

  • Data Synthesis & Analytics: Playing with data pieces to establish patterns, systems and correlations
  • Insights Development: extracting meaning from the data and turning these into behavioral and psychological insights
  • Persona Development (Persona profiles, persona architectures)
  • Empathy Maps
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Journey development
  • Customer Insights Workshops

Discovering key insights about people’s psychologies and behaviors is critical if you want to truly wow and engage your customers longtime. Using our insights services you will receive the concrete data that gives clarity on what your customers really want and what they are missing, so that you can go and create the magic!

Our MagiCX insights process allows us to unlock hidden truths and unpack those powerful insights that will inform the design process in radical ways!  

    Mossa Propellerjack

    Award Winning Solution Design

    SERVICES include: 
    – Strategic Design ( Value Proposition, Customer Engagement Strategy)
    – CX Customer Experience Design
    (across all channels)
    – UX/UI User Experience/Interface Design (Digital Products)
    – Service Design
    – Product Design (physical real life products)
    – Strategic Workshops, Innovation Workshops, Design Thinking Workshops

    From Strategic Design to Product Design – what we create is authentic, user centric and refreshing! We won our first award in 2009 for innovation in product design and took that as an inspiration to venture out and unleash our design approach and mindset to the world.

    Designing innovation that makes a real difference With a clear understanding what it is that matters the most to people, we now have the right information to concentrate on designing the custom solution for them, one that hits the jackpot for them and you. 

    red dot design award 2009
    designpreis deutschland 2010

    Organizational Empathy

    If we want to achieve the north star we need to make sure that your organization adopts customer centricity for its true meaning and not only at face value. This is a process and will take time, we are here to increase the voice of good humane design and help you keep transforming on this journey. The goal is to make the organization get better at listening and feeling, building out its softer abilities so customer engagement becomes more meaningful and authentic.

    Services include:

    • Executive Leadership Trainings & Coaching using our MagiCX methodology 
    • Employee Engagement
    • Stakeholder Alignment Solutions
    • Culture Change & Transformation

    DesignLab: Evolving a global capability into the future for a big pharma

    Good Design Matters

    Imagine creating things that are healthy for people, society and our planet. As designers we have to  make this idealist hope a practical reality. IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE. Yes John Lennon, we do love you.

    This is why good design matters. The most beautifully designed or conceived products is useless when it is not connected to what people really want or need. It may function as exciting gadget initially, but will soon be abandoned. These are the design graveyards. We must have people’s interest in mind when we design things so we can ensure it is meaningful to them. Merge that with commercial benefit, or stômething that is of benefit for your organization too,  and you have a match. In today’s world design must create a good balance between what works for people, society as a whole as well as for the planet. Good designs must be desirable, feasible , viable and sustainable.

    Creating healthy things for people, society and our planet is what matters to us. Achieving this together with you is our north star.

    DesignLab: Evolving a global capability into the future for a big pharma

    Our Clients

    Our Leadership

    Dina is an award winning designer and has been championing innovation and digitalization for more than 25 years across the FMCG, Financial Services and Health Care Industries. Before starting Imagio North Star, Dina was the Global Head of Digital for Hoffmann La Roche Pharma.

    Dina is based in Basel, Switzerland.

    Dina Rey

    Managing Partner, Founder & Chief Design Officer

    Hans-Fredrik is a Computer Scientist and Wellness Guru and has spent more than 20 years in the digital agency landscape specializing in Health Care. Before partnering at Imagio North Star, Hans was Director of Digital at the Ogilvy Advertising Agency in Paris.

    Hans-Fredrik is based in Paris, France.

    Hans-Fredrik Gustafsson

    Partner, Customer Experience Officer

    Erik is a strategic and innovative leader with over 25 years of developing, executing marketing/communications and digital strategies from start-up to launch; strategy to implementation & analytics to action.

    Erik has earned a world-wide reputation as a change innovator, partnering with top Fortune 100 companies in multiple industries. He has worked globally, living both in Switzerland and Germany.

    Erik is based in NYC, USA

    Erik Hawkinson

    Advisory Partner, Chief Marketing Officer

    Jeroen has more than 20 years experience leading digital innovation and transformation in the life sciences industry – across biotechs, start ups and pharmaceuticals.  He is a strategic thinker with exceptional analytical skills and  knows how to structure and simplify complex challenges, resulting in pragmatic, innovative approaches and solutions.

    Jeroen is based in Basel, Switzerland

    Jeroen Aarden

    Advisory Partner, Chief Digital Officer

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    CX/UX Design Research


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    Commercial Director


    Digital Ethnography & Social Media


    Service Design


    Design Training & Workshop Facilitation


    Design Consultant

    Le Petit Prince

    Our Guide to Wisdom and Humility

    MJ Juilland

    Executive Coaching


    Mindfulness Coaching


    Visual Storytelling


    Visual Storytelling


    Customer Engagement Strategy & Creative


    Digital Strategy

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